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True Success Begins With Giving | feat. Clifton Carmody | Ep. 91

Mindful leadership coach and service champion Clifton Carmody tells us what happens when you shake off fear-based management styles that and tap into the possibility and profitability of conscious business principles in the service sector. We also reveal important strategies for service professionals that have been locked out of their sectors by COVID and are struggling to find work (hint: it has to do with the power and universality of service).


Guided Practice: Mindful Drop-In

Strategy and quick practice to consistently drop into greater self-awareness throughout the day – have more calm, focus and authority over your emotions throughout the day. This is basically the essentials of mindfulness packed into 10 minutes or so.


True Service Emerges From a Culture of Intra-Service | feat. Neal Woodson | Ep. 85

Good service requires the people serving to feel valued, engaged and, well, like dignified human beings. And to always have opportunities to practice service on each other. This is a very important discussion with service coach and author Neal Woodson. Service professionals looking to bring more mindfulness and inspiration to their work and leaders that want to elevate their team’s culture and effectiveness are sure to gain a lot from his wisdom.


Be A Steward of Well-Being | Ep. 84

Think you love “making people happy”? Well, that good intention isn’t always what you think it is. Learn the more mindful, skillful approach to bringing out the best in others. And, actually, take the pressure off of yourself and expand your idea of what “making your customers happy” needs to look like.


Beat Burnout & Reconnect With Your Service Purpose | Feat. Dushan Zaric | Ep. 83

What personal practices and mindsets prepare you to meet the challenges of service life, prevent burnout and brave all the other challenges ahead? Hospitality torchbearer, self-cultivation wizard and generally rad dude Dushan Zaric shares more of his wisdom, plus some impactful hits from the very special live service course he’s running.


Service Life is An Emotional Economy – Learn The Game! | Ep. 82

Learn how mindfulness, self-development, and our success at doing almost anything are matters of emotional mastery. And this doesn’t mean learning to feel our preferred emotions, but having the capacity for the uncomfortable ones. This episode looks at powerful techniques for observing where and how emotions are actually happening and how to support ourselves like a friend would (rather than an adversary).


Find Meaning & Purpose In Life As A Laborer | Ep. 79

How to find meaning in your work in a socioeconomic structure that doesn’t honor and respect your role. We look at how the service role has been tainted by society’s tendency to take advantage of the people serving them – whether it’s your clientele or your employers – and how to drop this baggage and reconnect to the growth potential that the role offers us.

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