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True Hospitality Means The Employees Get Just As Much Care As The Clientele – Interview w/ John DeBary | Ep. 54

Equal opportunity and quality of life are such bigger issues in the restaurant industry than you think they are. I speak with hospitality leader and social servant John Debary about his organization RWCF and his mission to help restaurants nationwide shift into caring organizations with the capacity to improve the lives of their workers.


The Beginner’s Mind: Serving With True Wisdom By Forgetting Everything (You Think) You Know | Ep. 50

It’s the podcast’s 50th episode anniversary so I am discussing principles to take your service mindset to the next level – and it involves a starting from an open, unbiased perspective. The Zen principle of “The Beginner’s Mind” involves a sort of “wise innocence” that allows maximum readiness, learning and growth from any given moment without abandoning all the knowledge and skill you’ve developed over the years.