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Frequently Asked Questions.

What are service superpowers?

Something you're born with? Maybe a "talent with people" or a "selfless nature"? Or perhaps someone with "nurturing tendencies" can be a service superhero? The only honest answer: they're skills you practice and develop that reveal the very super aspects of your basic humanity. 

The 5-day mini-course you get access to upon subscribing will take you through the four main categories of service superpowers along with simple practices that get you into the habit of being your superhero self.

What's covered in the free workshops vs. the paid programs?

Free Workshops: Each month, we gather on a live interactive call to explore a theme that taps into the power of the service mindset. You'll learn the aspects of the inner service game - tools, techniques, principles - that I've found professionals most urgently need that month.  Join the movement here!

Paid Programs: I intimately work with you and your team and provide you with the specific tools that you need to next-level your inner service game and connect with your particular customer profile in more meaningful ways. This can be covered in a one-off that we extensively develop and prepare for - or progressively over a period of weekly sessions. Reach out here with further questions on these possibilities.

Is the Serve Conscious program offer practice performance outcomes or is it simply a wellness-oriented break I can provide myself or my team if I'm feeling like being nice?

Firstly, I started Serve Conscious because I saw how much performance was determined by your own wellness as a professional (your state of well-being, after all, one of the four main service superpowers). Teaching professionals to be self-sufficient keepers of their wellness is certainly a part of the training - but just a part. Because by this logic, I could justify any wellness offering, i.e. "I'll come in and give you and your team massages since you'll give better service after," but I wanted to focus on wellness practices that are specific antidotes to the challenges of service.

The answer to whether this program is practical is a resounding "yes." It focuses on service technique, just with an understanding that it's inseparable from wellness. And it focuses on wellness with the understanding that its truly powerful when driven by the aim of true service.

What's an effective group size for private programs?

8 or fewer benefits from being more intimate, but larger groups of course offer a wider impact. There are no limits to group size, I'll simply suggest the ideal sizes with you based on your learning goals.