Being Human Will Be Awesome Again.

The user's manual you always needed for being a happy and capable pilot in this funny little human mind. Join the mindfulness community that ensures you learn the skills for mastering the real, meaningful and practical challenges of your life today.

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Communicate with & Relate to Anyone.

Handle challenges you've been avoiding.

Find More Energy, Intelligence, Confidence & Calm.

Shatter boredom & procrastination.

be supported & Coached Along your Mindful Journey.

Nail Your Meditation Practice & Maximize The Benefits.

Self-Made Mind is a Special Sorta Mindfulness Community.

Long ago, I realized that the whole point of mindfulness was to become more skilled at being human. And y'know what really helps in that journey? Other humans! There are plenty of apps that can give you an idea of mindfulness basics.

But do you know anyone that feels motivated to keep using them?

Is the app inspiring them to keep practicing, growing and transforming?

Does this machine understand their very particular human struggles?

Do they know if they're doing it right?

what if you had An Exact step-by-step process For mastering this human journey?

And a mindful mentor that's there for you every step of the way. The Self-Made Mind community is not going to be one of the courses you buy and never use. It's designed to engage you. It makes all the difference to have the support of an expert teacherlive coaching environments, course layouts that make lessons actually stick, and a community that's with you all the way

live group coaching & courses

Learning mindfulness needs to be intimate and experiential. Everything is done live so you have the experience of being taught to directly rather than just trying to get through hours of stiff pre-recorded material. Even if you miss the lives, the continual support system ensures that you engage, absorb & action what you learn.

human-centered support

The thing with mindfulness is that it has so many tools and practices you can draw from. How do you know which ones you need? Which ones make you a better human being? How do you know if you're doing them right? Continual support (in live groups and over email) helps ensure you have the next piece of the puzzle to continue overcoming your present day human challenges.

one-on-one coaching

Each subscription comes with 2 one-on-one coaching credits a year (worth the cost of the subscription alone!). Plus big discounts on private coaching so that we can explore the specific human you want to become and the tools you need to accelerate in that direction.


A wide range of tools are combined so that you thrive in every aspect of this human game, from awareness to experience to action.

co-created CURRICULUM

New tools and live programs are constantly being added to the program, but your membership price always remains the same. Many of the new modules added are based on your needs.


This enrollment cycle, I'm probably going to be overwhelming myself will how much I'm offering everyone. But I felt it was really important that I provided these complementary tools and sessions. Stay tuned for the bonus section to find out what I have planned!

Start the Mindfulness Journey That aims inner transformation where it counts: becoming solid with your human self.

Stefan Ravalli

Stefan is mindfulness teacher and coach. He is also the director of Serve Conscious, connecting professionals and organizations to the joy, purpose and inner wisdom that service-oriented work can offer.

Stefan left a career as a leader in the hospitality industry and traveled to the Indian Himalayas to learn how to teach meditation from Vedic masters and to Taiwan to learn a Zen tradition of mindful service. He’s since focused his arsenal of ancient self-development tools on helping people to master their most human, everyday struggles and thrive in the most challenging situations.

The Mindful Human Skills Guy

At Every Level, You're Given the Tools to Develop the Mindful Human Skills You Need

In one sense, this model is sequential - layer by layer, you're going to develop habits and practices that allow you to master your human experience. It also unfolds in parallel, building on the levels that most need your attention. Throughout your membership journey, the live and on-demand programs will give you the mindful skills you need to progress your skillset as quickly as possible.


  • How to meditate...and keep meditating.
  • Practices that make you more aware and engaged while doing everything (even sucky things).
  • Practices to notice more awesomeness in your life.


  • Practices for connecting to and rewriting why you do what you do
  • Techniques for bringing purpose and positive intention into everything you do.
  • How to journal in a way that transforms the direction of your life


  • Practices for maintaining self-love in situations where you struggle to even like yourself.
  • Live and act like your Grandmaster Self would (the wisest, most masterful version of yourself that is available to you right now).
  • Experience and create from the most effective mindset - appreciation.


  • Practices that make you an expert at managing discomfort so ready and able for the challenges that will bring you growth and fulfillment.
  • Learn how to practice gratitude on hard-mode and find the value in disappointing, stressful and generally unpleasant situations.
  • Practices for understanding and connecting with difficult people. And also bringing more love to the people in your life that need.


  • Practices that allow you to infuse each moment with a high level of awareness and capacity for new perspectives
  • Become a mindful pathbreaker and help serve the transformation of others.
  • Make gratitude and reverence your default response to everything (yes, even sucky experiences) - feel right even when you feel bad.

enrollment closes in...


You missed out!

Be part of an exclusive group of skill-enhancing humans. 

Now It's Time To Inundate You With Bonuses

I can't help myself. There are so many other tools you need in this human journey. So many areas of life where things can go oh-so wrong and you find yourself wishing you had a lifeline of some sort. Well I've accounted for that!

Click each one to find out what I have planned for you!

Communication Coaching

Live group coaching that gives you the methods that few people are using to truly listen and speak in ways that connect. Relate to anyone in ways that sound natural - scripts don't work!

The Anti-crastination program

Do the work that matters to you, but you've been resisting. The obstacles in your way are simpler and more manageable than you think. Learn powerful mindset shifts that get you believing in yourself and blowing your own mind with what you accomplish.

One-on-One Coaching Credits

Good lord, I'm giving away the farm here! I normally charge a lot of cash for these sessions, but I'm excited to provide you with two 60 min sessions each year you're a member. There is no comparison to the power of working on your specific goals and obstacles in this setting. 

The Membership Model




Two 60 min 1-on-1 Coaching Credits A Year

Constant Online Support on Your Mindful Journey

Regular Live Group Education & Coaching 

Access to a Library of Human-Upgrading Mindfulness Programs

ALL BONUSES: Communicate, Relate and Anti-Crastinate!




Save Over 20%

No-Reason-Required 30-Day Refund Policy 

money back

Doesn't matter the reason. Even if you just don't like my face, you can bow out of the community within 30 days of joining and get all your cash back. But remember, I'm here for you and if you have any issues with the Self-Made Mind community that you think are solvable, just get in touch with me and I'll do whatever I can to make things work for your particular journey.

Big Love From Awesome People.

Very effective, yet intuitive...

I am so grateful to have found Stefan - he is a very effective yet intuitive coach. I came to him feeling stuck in my professional life and he was able to help me tap into my deeper consciousness to uncover what was potentially holding me back. He knows to ask powerful questions that would lead me to my own answers. I always look forward to our sessions and leave with greater clarity. Highly recommended. 

Elina Lim-Sandulescu - Founder, Comes Naturally

One of the best coaches, I've ever had!

Stefan's coaching was truly mind opening. Talking with him for just 30 minutes inspired me to me see myself in new and highly-positive ways. He has amazing to-the-point questioning skills that brought me a clear view of my path forward. He is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. Thank you for your inspiration and allowing me to truly take on the challenges in my life!

Sean Cai, pHD - education leader

Work with him!

Stefan is awesome. I met him professionally through a mindfulness organization we are part of together. I have since become friends with him and have had many insights working with him. I have since listened to his podcasts and appreciate the professionalism and entertainment they bring. Work with him and if you cannot, listen to these podcasts.

Clifton Carmody, ICF-ACC, CMT-P - Executive Leadership Coach | Founder, MNDFL LDR

Frequently asked questions

What if the practices and program don't work for me?

Firstly, meditation and mindfulness work for anyone if they are taught properly and relatably (P.S. I do those things).

But if that turns out not to be the case, you have at least two options: a full refund is always an option. Once again, there are no questions asked, you just get your money back - plus you can keep using the training you receive (obviously...I don't have the budget or taste for human rights violations to police that).

Or you can tap into the support system available and I personally tailor practices to you. But, most importantly we will double down your capability of a key mindfulness skill - where and how to look for progress.

Will I become less motivated the calmer and more stress-free I get?

Firstly, calm is not a very useful goal, so I'm not looking to just give you tools to mellow out. However, you will gain more control over your energy, which is a profoundly powerful tool for more success and happiness.

Secondly, you will become more energized, engaged and motivated from practicing meditation, mindfulness and all the other human skills we master together. It's always what happens. Scientists know it, I know it from my own experience.

Everything that is de-motivating you right now gets directly unwound with the practices we work on together.

This is a community? (I'm not a people person and feel awkward sharing).

Exactly! People are nerve-wracking, it's true. There's no need to participate to get tons of value out of this program. The biggest bonus is the included one-on-one coaching in which you only need to share your experiences with me in a safe, confidential and understanding space.

Are all these super high-level ideas relevant to my simple everyday struggles?

These are the only tools I have found with this much relevance to the full range of the inner struggles of being human - from the mundane to the highly-sophisticated.


You missed out!

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