Begin Your Service Superhero Training.

Level 1 

Truly Human Service.

  • 1 live group/individual training session (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Reconnect to your service-driven nature.
  • Toolbelt: 1 or 2 service superpowers.
  • Process: Determine service goals vs. obstacles. Learn quick exercises to shift you or your team into a service-ready.

Level 2 

Truly Superhuman Service.

  • 4-8 live group/individual training sessions (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Begin to master your inner service game. 
  • Toolbelt: Many service superpowers. Incl. blueprints, guided exercises, home and work routines, etc.      
  • Process: Strategically select and develop the right service superpowers to maximize your service mindset. 

Let's discover your heroic service journey.

30 min. Consultation Call.

Level 3 

Save the World

  • 12 group/individual sessions (30-90 min).
  • Mission: Change lives through service. (Especially your own).
  • Weapons: Deep dives into all service superpowers that are relevant to the success of you and your team.
  • Process: Intensive development that transforms your relationship to service. We will develop the skills and overcome the obstacles that prevent you and your customers from having a service experience filled with joy, inspiration and purpose.


What's Your Heroic Journey?

  • Mission: Understand your vision of a better world through service...and how I can help superpower it.

Guide | Service Superpowers.


Invulnerability: With service, so many forces can throw you off center. Have the techniques to be resilient to stress that would normally disrupt and deplete you.

Long after the day is over, the challenges of service can stick to you and drain your precious mental and physical resources. Learn how to shake off daily demands, bounce back from difficulty, bring closure to unresolved worries and prepare yourself for a fresh return.

Power Up:
Biasing your thinking towards the needs of others can cause self-neglect that ultimately harms your happiness and success. Learn what you need to thrive - and become willing to provide it for yourself.

People carry their pain with them and cough it all over whatever service professionals they encounter. Whether or not their intense vibes penetrate you depends on your powerful emotional boundaries.

Light Manipulation:
Your sense of gratitude can often determine success or failure, happiness or misery, and a meaningful or empty service experience. It’s not just for the fortunate, but is a state of mind you can develop to up-level your relationship to work, people and yourself.

Disintegration Beam:
What if your only obstacles to joy, capability and success in service had to do with mental and emotional obstacles? And what if you had the tools to flush those blockages out?

Stone Empowerment:
A huge obstacle to service success is wrapped up in how you compare yourself to customers and co-workers. Learn how to get solid in yourself and shatter those beliefs of inferiority and lack.


Telepathy: Service is an economy of needs. Notice, understand and speak to what people really need.

Adapt to different personality types and perspectives. Make everyone feel accepted and at home.

Power Mimicry:
Find resonance and commonality with anyone. Communicate in ways that connect.

Empathic Communication:
Listen and engage with superhuman emotional radar - start having more powerful work and service conversations.

Weather Control:
Compassion practices to melt struggles and cool down tense moments.

Psionic Abilities:
Develop a better connection to your own service intuition and judgment.

Be the real you and the right you at the same time.


Cerebrokinesis: Generate the thinking that makes you encouraged, confident and inspired.

Jet Propulsion: Power your service with a sense of purpose

Elemental Transmutation: Turn service obstacles into opportunities.

Flight: Give the best kind of service...the kind that feels authentic and freely given.

Super Strength: Acknowledge and be inspired by your value and impact.

Chlorokinesis: Learn mindset of benevolence, generosity and kindness.

Gigantification: Experience growth from any service role.

Resilience: Convert discomfort to good will.


Mind Control: You can’t serve if you’re not fully here when you do - and modern life has unfortunately trained your mind to wander. Remain present, keep attention where it matters and 10x the moment.

Laser Vision:
Service is the art of embracing your customers. What if all the difference is made when you learn how to embrace your own experiences. Next-level your service skill by developing hospitable awareness.

Energy Manipulation:
Skillfully managing customer relationships means skillfully managing emotions - and yet most of our service knowhow centers around surface-level procedures. Master the true determinants of service success by understanding the feeling states of your customers and colleagues - and, especially, your own.

If you’re struggling to understand your customers, then perhaps you don’t understand their intentions. Learn the drivers of all human behavior so you can understand what others really want...and how you have the power to shape inspiring service outcomes.

It’s inspiring to have opportunities for big wins and inspiring service moments, but often much of the day is filled with “boring” little tasks. Stop missing out on the power of little chores by learning how to enjoy and perfect the work we often switch off for.

Martial Arts:
Service would be easy...if everyone was nice. Master difficult people and situations with battle-ready people skills.

Service life can involve saying the same thing over and over again - to customers and to colleagues. This can feel dull and unchallenging...unless you can find an inspired and creative relationship to these repetitive tasks.

The pain and struggle of service can either drain you or provide fuel to elevate your service game. Learn the tools to convert obstacles to new capabilities.

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